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About Us

Hi, we’re Branskotel

Welcome to Branskotel, the wholesale phone business founded by Hamza, a passionate entrepreneur with a dream to provide affordable and high-quality phones to customers.


The story behind our Business

Hamza’s journey began with a vision to create a business that would make a difference. With hard work and determination, he founded Branskotel, pouring his heart and soul into the venture. The early days were challenging, but Hamza refused to give up, knowing that he could prove the value of his business with dedication and quality.

As Branskotel began to grow, Hamza faced new challenges, but he remained committed to his vision and his customers. He built a loyal following, providing excellent customer service and quality products at wholesale prices.

Through the years, Branskotel grew beyond Hamza’s wildest dreams, becoming a respected leader in the industry. But for Hamza, it was more than just a business; it was his legacy, his life’s work, and his greatest achievement.

Looking to the future, Hamza knows that whatever challenges lie ahead, he will face them with the same passion and determination that has made Branskotel a success. As a company, we are committed to providing the best products and service to our customers, building on the foundation laid by Hamza and the team at Branskotel. Thank you for choosing Branskotel for your wholesale phone needs.


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Phone : +48 531 896 407
Email : Branskotel.eu@gmail.com


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